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Working at FARPLAS

Our approach in human resource management is "Career that Makes a Difference". We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset in reaching corporate objectives and strategic success. At FARPLAS, we not only provide a perspective on the domestic market, but we also create a vision for international markets. 

We believe the key to being successful and competitive in the international market is analysis and fast access to information. We also support and encourage our employees to specialize in the Turkish Automotive sector and economy.

At FARPLAS, we are committed to fostering professional and personal growth and career advancement. We encourage our employees to develop their individual capabilities towards the changes that can in the industry and commercial environment. With personal development and training programs we support our employees’ goals and at the same time supporting the business development of our company. As a company operating in different sectors, we focus on keeping up with change.

At FARPLAS, we believe that individual performance is the foundation of the company’s overall success. We recruit candidates who are open to new ideas, closely follow global developments, creative, dynamic, work efficiently in a team, work to achieve total quality and have the knowledge to represent our company.

Recruitment and Employment

At FARPLAS we choose our employees from candidates who aim a career making a difference, wish and have the potential to become the leaders of the future. We evaluate candidates based on their skills, experience and job suitability. 

At FARPLAS, we assign our employees to positions where they can develop their individual capabilities and experience. We contribute to their professional and personal development; assign additional responsibilities so they can use their potential in the most efficient way for continuous improvement. 

Competency based interviewing techniques, language tests, occupational personality inventory tests are utilized as needed throughout the recruitment process. 

Applicants who best meet our selection criteria will be invited for an interview. Following the reference checking and introduction to senior management, successful candidates will receive a job offer. 

Applications may be considered for other similar future vacancies and details will be kept in our resume database. All applicants are informed of the results of the recruitment process.

Training and Development Planning

We believe that the career development of our employees is one of the key factors in success. 

As soon as you join the FARPLAS team, we offer opportunities in supporting the development of the areas you need. 

With our Performance Management System, our employees determine their training and development needs with their managers each year and a development plan is generated for each employee. 

Our Leadership Development Program is tailored to focus on the management team for the development of their leadership skills. Our Talent Pool Development Program focuses on the career development needs of future leaders and provides leadership skill training to our employees who have the potential to develop further. 

Performance Management

FARPLAS’s continual development with highly skilled employees who add value to our company is one of our key objectives. 

With our effective performance management system created as a common understanding of achievements for FARPLAS, we aim to successfully achieve corporate objectives by guiding and supporting the development of our employees; managing and evaluating our employees based on their effort and success towards achieving these objectives. 

Our performance management system aims to reconcile our employees’ personal goals with organizational goals. The system determines our employees’ required proficiency levels and areas of development in meeting their annual targets and includes their career planning.