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Project Management

The FARPLAS Project Management team provides a diverse range of vehicle segments and products, and as a result FARPLAS’s New Product Development Phase procedures are structured in a solid and customer oriented way. Our Project key accounts manage all the tehcnical and commercial aspects of the project to ensure clear communication between all parties. 

Cost and Quality of the products is primarily determined at the design development phase, allowing FARPLAS the ability to closely manage this phase, in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. Projects in FARPLAS are divided in mainly 4 groups. 

Concept Projects: When a customer is looking for a full design concept and styling, their dreams become a reality at FARPLAS. This also applies to customers are looking to introduce a new product in its aftermarket product portfolio. Having the design input and benchmark studies completed, the Design Development team starts creating 5 to 10 new design models for initial testing. Once there is agreement on the style, A surface Cad-model is prepared, if needed prototypes/ wooden models are produced and after full approval the B surface design and mechanical design starts. Once this has been completed, project phases are run in the Full System Projects. 

Full System Projects: Styling surface development is handled by customers within the full vehicle styling concept. FARPLAS Design Development Team reviews the A surface and body fitting conditions for initial feedback. Once there is mutual agreement on the main concept, the Design team develops the B surface and mechanical properties. This stage is supported by prototypes, simulations, DFMEAs and continious design and feasibility updates. Once agreed on the full cad-model, project phases  differ slightly from the Design Defined projects, where; in Full System Projects, after the data freeze, the Design team tracks the project to ensure required fitting conditions are in place and process verification requirements are achieved. 

Co-Design Projects: In some cases customers prefer to develop their own products and require FARPLAS assistance in design as an expert supplier but not in the development pahse. In such cases, the FARPLAS team runs the Simultaneous engineering phase, where products are reviewed from a full moldability, quality and feasibility point of view. The Project team composed of different department members submits a report with requested changes, proposals and the reasons. This loop is repeated until agreement on the design is achieved. Once design is frozen, project phases are the same as Design Defined projects. 

Design Defined Projects: In some cases there may be no product design and development. Even when this is the case, FARPLAS still runs a simultaneous engineering phase to ensure that product concept is in line with the requirements. Design defined project phases are the same in all project types and include, Development of tools, Development of Process, Modifications & tune-ups, Verification of products & process, production ramp-up and finally hand-over to a serial process team after a close follow-up of initial 6 months of production. 

New Product Development teams monitor project phases in places all around the world and promote customer involvement at all stages. Resident engineering and on-site support systems are standard services provided to our customers. This open project management approach is supported by an active and multi skilled professional team. As a result of this customer oriented & devoted Project Management and Design ability, FARPLAS has been awarded several times with the "Project Management Award in Europe" & "Cost Management Award in Europe" by TOYOTA.