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FARPLAS Quality Policy

At FARPLAS every decision and strategy is based on applying the “Total Quality Management” approach through continuous improvement in order to increase the company's market share, competitiveness, quality, reliability and profitability.

Our employees are encouraged to adopt the “Total Quality Management” approach through frequent in-house trainings in order to achieve our Zero Product Defect – Zero Loss target in manufacturing our products.

Every FARPLAS product must be superior quality in its own range.

Every FARPLAS product must be superior quality to competitor products in the same range

Every FARPLAS employee must carry out their work efficiently.

We should surpass our competitors and achieve customer satisfaction with on time product delivery, provision of superior quality services and competitive rates

Capacity utilization and efficiency should be improved by research and implementation of new technologies.

This system can only function properly when we work together with our customers, employees, partners and suppliers. This is the only way to reach the common goal.

International certification at FARPLAS

Our process oriented quality management system is certified according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001. This particular management style brings the comprehensive criterions describing all the processes. This concludes not only the expected quality level but also the continuous improvement on each step of the processes defined in our business process model.

Our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001 which provides the comparison of the quality standards in the area of environmental protection against the international standards.

FARPLAS laboratory has also been accredited by Renault. Some examples from the scope of laboratory are; Humidity Cabin, Heat tests, vibration instruments, spray cabin, Optical laboratory, color measurement instrument, 3D Coordinate measurement instrument, water resistance test etc.

In our optical laboratory, homologaton tests according to ECE standards can be realized. FARPLAS lighting products are approved by two international standardization institutes; IDIADA (Spain) and KEMA (Holland).