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Commercial Vehicles

When FARPLAS started manufacturing for the automotive industry the only parts manufactured were lighting components for commercial vehicles. In time, and as demand increased, FARPLAS began to design and manufacture its own products. Initially FARPLAS designed only stoplamps, since 2005 FARPLAS has specialized in the design of bus service sets and has become the preferred solution partner for commercial vehicle manufacturers in designing complex systems like bus and truck driver cabins. 

FARPLAS has a large team dedicated to the design and production of lighting components. At FARPLAS we utilize special optical simulation software, optical measurement lab, special test cabinets and vacuum metalized plating facility are utilized from the early stages of the design phase of lighting components. Our team’s experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing for the sector is what makes FARPLAS unique and one of the leaders in the industry. 

We manufacture the following product ranges for commercial vehicles; signalization lamps (stop, directional, signal), interior lighting components (singular and continuous), service sets, air ducts and seating components. 

All of our service sets and many of our other products are FARPLAS’s officially registered designs.