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Fark Holding A.Ş. is one of the rare corporations, building a corporate structure while maintaining the spirit of a family business. With more than 50 years of experience, the spirit of an investor, global understanding and customer oriented approach FARPLAS has excelled in every field it which it operates. 

The strategy of owning the value chain, has enabled FARPLAS to excel in not only production but also in R&D, project management quality and logistics. FARPLAS has reached a universal structure with its modern management systems, innovative approach and use of ERP, MRE and SAP. 

FARPLAS has entered into global partnerships through license agreements and joint ventures, and has become a company that issues licenses to companies overseas. New international investments are also being taken into consideration. 

At all times FARPLAS aims to grow and be strong for its employees, shareholders, partners and never forget its obligations towards its country. FARPLAS also invests in other areas of importance such as social responsibility projects, art and sports. 

Always trying to stand out from the others FARPLAS, will continue to grow and add value with its visionary frame of mind and understanding of sustainable competitiveness