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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy of Farplas

We, as Farplas A.S. family;

We aim to implement the requirements of Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System at our factories that carry out plastic injection, installation, painting and moulding operations in order to detect all negative impacts that may be harmful for prevent environment pollution or human health, to keep them under control and prevent injuries and impairment of health and attain continuous improvement.

In line with this aim; our basic principles are;

  • To implement all legal and other requirements that we have to obey for Envionmental and Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To use energy properly and efficiently and to lower the consumption of natural resources,
  • To decrease formation of waste, to promote recycling and recovery,
  • Attaining continuous improvement of our aims and targets regarding environment and workplace safety by determining and following these regularly;
  • As far as technical and commercial means allow, to use the technology that is most reliable and least harmful for the environment and use raw materials that has the least impact on the environment and that do not harm human health,
  • To determine workplace safety risks that may cause occupational accidents and that might lead to occupational illnesses, to lower these risks to acceptable levels by taking required precautions and to attain the target of ZERO work accidents,
  • To determine impacts that may cause environmental accidents ahead of time and to take necessary precautions on the right time and at the right place,
  • To raise awareness our employees, suppliers, sub-contractors and our society continuously on environmental and occupational health and safety issues by means of flow of information and trainings. 

We aim to accomplish our responsibilities for keeping a clean environment that we can bring forward to the future and to create a healthy and safe work environment.