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FARPLAS is a leader in the sector in implementing cutting-edge technology to increase quality, reduce time and cost of the production. At FARPLAS we improve our technological capabilities in line with our knowledge. Our philosophy is to improve, learn and implement these innovations prevalently. With this philosophy FARPLAS successfully manages quality expectancy/cost. The technological development at FARPLAS progress in the following fields: 

Manufacturing Technologies:

The main manufacturing technology at FARPLAS, the injection process, is managed successfully in every stage. The standard manufacturing technologies consists of the following processes, 2K (multi-component) injection, gas injection, in-mold fabric lamination and metal injection molding. 

With fully-automatic paint booths FARPLAS successfully implements high volume paint applications for components like hubcaps, etc in addition to intricate processes like complete body, soft touch and piano black paint applications In order to provide a variety of end-products FARPLAS also implements applications like vacuum coating, pad printing, and film coating. 

FARPLAS implements all types of welding processes (vibration, heat bonding, ultrasonic etc.) as well as highly automated, robotic assembly lines, and supports its precision manufacturing with systems like camera control systems. 

Product Technologies: 

FARPLAS closely follows the developments in the sector and strives to be the leader in applying new technologies. For instance applications like injection molded long glass fiber reinforced sensitive security components, 1 shot in mold fabric lamination with the use of standard injection machines and reading light system suitable for all seating positions among others have been developed by FARPLAS. 

System Technologies 

FARPLAS utilizes the SAP ERP corporate resource management system to ensure reliable, integrated manufacturing processes; centralized, transparent single source information for all stakeholders; and efficient use of all resources.